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Jessica Lewis Watson is an author, photographer and lecturer whose scholarly book of Literary Criticism, Bastardy as a Gifted Status in Chaucer and Malory, No. 14 in the Edwin Mellen Press's Medieval History Series, has been enjoyed by Medievalists around the world. Watson is also the author of the book, Illegitimacy Empowered, published in the Women in History Series from Ide House.

In addition to her books, Watson has published articles and photographs in such popular magazines as, Writer's Digest, Log Home Living, Backpacker, Diversion, Mushing Magazine, Good Dog!, Health Foods Business, Guideposts, and many more.

Besides her written journalism, Watson's photographs have appeared in magazines and fine art exhibitions locally and nationally. While Watson is indeed an interdisciplinary artist and scholar (holding a BA with Distinction in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; an MA in English Literature from Baylor University; an attestation in Danse Contemporaine from the Centre de Danse du Marais in Paris; and a diplome in American Language and Literature from the University of Liege, Belgium), she, nevertheless, is currently specializing in writing a book on synchronicity.

Watson is also much in demand as a public speaker. Her talents in public presentation were honed during her years of teaching, first at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and then on the English Faculty at Baylor University. Watson has also lectured for Champaign County at the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Police Officers' training sessions; at Parkland College nursing courses specializing in treatment of mental illnesses; at various philanthropic organizations; and at writing and literature conferences.

A self-taught photographer, Watson began publishing her photos while illustrating her magazine articles. She has blossomed into an artist who shows and publishes her photography widely. Galleries that have hosted her exhibitions include Indigo, The Institute 4 Creativity, and Springer Cultural Center. Watson displays her work choosing beautiful and happy subjects to light up the world, and to bring forth joy in viewers. Some of her photography subject matters are still life, landscapes, gardens, dogs, and other animals.

With all of her activities in writing, photography and lecturing, Watson enjoys meeting new people and appearing on television. Having previously worked full time in public relations and marketing for the performing arts, Watson is able to use her knowledge, skills, and recognition to promote a beautiful outlook on the world.

Due to her prolific nature, Watson continues to receive grants and awards for her activities from organizations such as The Texas Commission on the Arts; The Austin Writers' League (Texas); The Aspen Writers' Foundation (Colorado); and many more.


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Selected Works

Medieval Literary Criticism
A discussion of the pride and magic of bastardy in the Canturbury Tales and in the Arthurian Legend.
Nonfiction articles published 1991 through the present.
Fine Art Photography and Journalism
Solo, duo, and trio exhibitions and contributions of photographs to various shows and publications.

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